ecember 16, 1938, the Commercial State Bank opened for business on Main Street in Donalsonville, GA with L. R. Robinson, President: Dr. M. M. Minter and Ellison Dunn, Vice-Presidents; and D. F. Wurst, Cashier. Assistant cashiers were Jean Martin and Edgar Mosley. The Total Capital Accounts were $25,000.00

After the death of Dr. Minter in 1944, D. F. Wurst was elected President and Mrs. Omeara Wurst was elected as Vice-President.

In 1960 Hugh D. Broome, Sr. acquired the bank with A. A. Parker, E. C. Mosley, John I. Spooner, M. G. Driskell as Directors and Jean Rushing was the Acting Cashier. The following year, W. H. Van Landingham bought controlling interest in the bank and became President. E. C. Mosely, Vice-President and Ellen Spier Cashier.

In 1969, a beautiful new building was erected at West Second Street with W. H. Van Landingham as Chairman of the Board and E. C. Moseley as President.

After the death of W.H. Van Landingham in 1979 his widow Mary Lou Van Landingham, became Chairman of the Board until her death in 1997 leaving her son-in-law Jack Tuck as Chairman of the Board with David B. Fain, President. Beginning 2013, her granddaughter, Lucie Beeley became Chairman of the Board with David B. Fain, President. Commercial State Bank's current Directors are: Mary V. Tuck, Scott Beeley, Rome Ethredge, Terry Shamblin and Greg Whittaker.

The Commercial State Bank is a full service community bank which has served Southwest Georgia since 1938. Indeed we stand ready to serve all your banking needs. Times have changed, but the same principles on which our bank was founded still prevail. Ever step we take is a milestone to make a better community. We welcome you to join us in celebrating our past, present and our future.